For the Pilots of Construction

Tracking Equipment Operator Shifts, Activities & Evaluations

A Logbook fit for a pilot

Robust dashboard and reporting on all hours, shifts, activities, evaluations on yourself, and others, weather, GPS, projects...we are out of room.

Shifts & Activities

Log equipment operated by make, model and configuration, and any activities performed on that equipment like lifts, inspections, assembly/disassembly, mobilization, and more.

Your Experiential Resume

Provide a robust picture of your operating experience with every equipment configuration and activity tracked to current and future employers.

Operator Evaluations

An Evaluation begins with your life’s work - shifts and activities per make, model, configuration. Complete Operator Evaluations fully in-app with your connections.


Connections can "witness" any shift or activity – as well as perform the Evaluations in-app - providing much more reliable and accountable information.

Administration & Integration

On a mobile device or browser, seamlessly send and receive shift, activity and evaluation records to connections or outside the application.

Our customers love FlexHUB. You will too.

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Developed by ITI in partnership with several industry partners including:



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