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Track Shifts & Activities on 3,000+ Equipment Make and Models

The app for professional equipment operators.

Conduct & Store Operator Evaluations and Achievements

The app for professional equipment operators.

Capture and share your Shifts, Activities, Evaluations & Achievements


Log shifts and activities by make, model and configuration. View and share robust dashboards and reports on all hours, shifts, activities, evaluations on yourself and others, weather conditions, GPS location tracking and more.  Track and record your activities including shifts, lifts, inspections, assembly/disassembly and evaluations.

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Developed by ITI in partnership with industry partners like:


A Professional Solution for Pro Equipment Operators

OperatorPro allows you to focus on what's important to you, your work. 

OperatorPro is always right there at your fingertips, and we’ll continue to work with real world Operators like you to make logging and recording your experiences in OperatorPro as easy as pouring that first cup of morning joe.


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Your full log of seat time & work history in your pocket.


A Logbook for the 21st Century

Robust dashboard and reporting on all hours, shifts, activities, evaluations on yourself, and others, weather, GPS, projects tracking, and individual lifts.


Your Experiential Resume

Provide a robust picture of your operating experience with every equipment configuration and activity tracked to current and future employers.


Shifts & Activities

Log equipment operated by make, model and configuration, and any activities performed on that equipment like lifts, inspections, assembly/disassembly, mobilization, and more.


Operator Evaluations

An Evaluation begins with your life’s work - shifts and activities per make, model, configuration. Complete Operator Evaluations fully in-app with your connections.

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