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Why did we create OperatorPro?

Equipment operator’s needed one place to record & track their work experience and so much more...

Kiss that coffee stained logbook goodbye.


OperatorPro allows you to focus on what's important to you, your work.

With OperatorPro you can simply log your daily shifts and activities in one application that you carry with you wherever your work may take you.

OperatorPro is always right there at your fingertips, and we’ll continue to work with real world Operators like you to make logging and recording your experiences in OperatorPro as easy as pouring that first cup of morning joe.


ITI was founded by people whose driving passion is to help others and be good stewards of their gifts. Our founder became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14 - a rigorous feat that 18-year-old candidates struggle to attain. The tenacity to achieve, work hard, and the desire to help others has formed a company that has continuously exhausted all efforts to lead the world in training skills and providing quality service in order to save the lives and improve the industrial activities of the employers and operators we serve.

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 Log.  Track.  Record.  Achieve!


Log shifts and activities by make, model and configuration. View and share robust dashboards and reports on all hours, shifts, activities, evaluations on yourself and others, weather conditions, GPS location tracking and more.  Track and record your activities including shifts, lifts, inspections, assembly/disassembly and evaluations.

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